Dual  AC – Architecture Design & Media / Art communication


Art Director / Project Manager


Ronda de Sant Pau 42-44,

Local-73 – Courtyard.

Barcelona 08001, Spain.

t-0034 934 415 204

m-0034 646 577 874

2003 – 2016

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Dual Architecture, Design & Media is a BCN based design and technologies firm that creates concept and design in architecture and interior design of spaces of stands, production and assembly. Assistance and advice in all kind of areas related to design and production. Realisation of photographic reports, graphics and illustrations and photography and Specialised photography 360º in high definition HD, for clients, audiences and ourselves.


Clients include:




OilFlux – Mafer – Yanbal – Ferbel – Pharmacy Guardiola Albert –  Pharmacy Charo Martinez – The Great Coast, Real Estate Agency – Ecoology – Xpiral Sail Race Club – Street Strategy – Barça Skin – Swissimpulse Oops – Swissimpulse little Box – Santander Bank – Nestle Magnum mini – Oracle 3gsm – Samsung 3gsm – Danone Eessensis – McDonalds Recetas – Nestle la lechera – Samsung Soul 3gsm – MasterFood Twix – Panrico Bollycao – The Siren Frozen Food – Orange –  Tropicana Alvalle Gazpacho – Danone Actimel – Novartis Nicotinell – Unilever Knorr vie – Sony Ciber Shot – Laboratory Uriach Filvit – Danone Danacol – CocaCola Connect bluetooth – Pfizer Listerine – McDonalds Caprice – Unilever flora Pro Active. – Golf, Grupo Soledad, – City Hall Barcelona, – Foundation La Caixa, – Dantex Planas Clinic, – AISLondon  BKME Bank,  – Viladrau City Hall Nature Museum –




SCPF Milmilks – Sonar – Croquis –  COAC –  Colege de Riggers & architects Tecnics of Barcelona – Feria del libro Ministerio de Cultura – Barcelona Activa Stand Brussels – Island of Teasure Museum Maritim Barcelona – Stand de Barcelona Activa 2004 – Museu of Water Lleida – Virtual Model Museu Maritim Barcelona – Modul of Information Interactive Museu Maritim Barcelona – Exposition Josep Pla Lleida – Museum Vapor Buxeda Vell Sabadell – Museum of Geology Mutriku País Vasco – Barcelona Activa Front Wall – Museum Nature of Túnez – Krtu Music Stand – Stand la Ganbara – Composite Future Palau Robert – Marta Rosler Artist Macba – Alfredo Jaar Art Center Santa Mónica – Viladrau City Hall Nature Museum – Conceptual Art in Catalunya Art Center Santa Mónica – Foundation Joan Miro Bcn.




ArkSolut·CPH – ArkSolut·BCN – COAC – INDE – Visiones de Futuro – Muntadas – City Hall Viladrau Nature Museum – ACTAR Authentic Fiction – Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization BCD – Exhibit Arts Electronics Santa Monica –  Monument – Gustavo Gili – Primavera Fotografica – Dirigido Por Magazine – Imágenes Magazine – Catalunya Empresarial Magazine – Escenas del Raval

What we do:



Apps Developer Apple Store

Architectural Photography


Art Direction

Branding & Identity


Concept Development

Content Development


Design System


Environmental Design

Event Design

Exhibition Design

Furniture Design


Optimization Contents




SEO – SEM Market Analysis

Technical Photography immersive


Website Design

WebApps Design


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